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Five ways to Protect Your Home when on Holiday


At this time of year many of us are eagerly awaiting our annual summer holiday, but the only concern we have is that thieves also eagerly await this opportunity to break into our empty homes and help themselves to our possessions. It is estimated that house burglaries increase by 10% in the summer months and outdoor theft increases by 40%. So how do we protect our homes while we are away?

Here are Home Estate Agents top tips:-

  • Ensure your house doesn’t look empty - Cancel the milk and the papers
  • Use the Royal Mail ‘keepsake’ service to halt your post while you are away
  • Get rid of fresh flowers that will fade while you are away
  • Ask a neighbour to water house plants and remove any free post or leaflets from the door mat
  • Use timer switches to turn lights on and off in different rooms at different times
  • Leave a car on the drive
  • Leave blinds and curtains open
  • Ask a trusted neighbour or family member to keep an eye on your home.
  • Check all windows and doors are shut and locked. Including the garden shed
  • Check the alarm system is functioning properly and set it when you go off on holiday
  • Check security lights are working
  • Don’t leave equipment that thieves can use lying around in the garden. E.g. ladders
  • Make sure your house insurance is up to date and all your valuables are covered.
  • Install a safe -Having a safe hidden somewhere in the house will help ensure small valuables, like jewellery and important documents are more difficult to access.
  • Social Media – Avoid posting photos and statements about your holiday until you are back home.

Hopefully, by following these simple tips you will gain some peace of mind and all will be well when you return from your holiday!